Nothing in the world is worse than not feeling “it”.  You know, the urge to sew is there, but the creative inspiration is somewhere else.  At those times, no matter how hard I try, I cannot even find a source for inspiration.  It’s like a holiday and all the malls are locked tight.  I venture over to my fabric and stare at it, still nothing!  I surf the web, still nothing!  It feels like one of those times you have an extra $100 or so to blow on clothing at the mall and there is not one single thing you want to try on, much less take home.  But, if you went to the same stores dead broke you would find an entire wardrobe you are dying to have money to take home with you.

This is the area I’m going to put all the things I find when I’m dead broke but dying for something new.  I’ll stash them here, for safekeeping, hopefully avoiding the whole not feeling “it” thing.  Some stuff may feel vague to you but for me it has some meaning, however cryptic.  Possibly by looking through my stuff you’ll also feel some type of inspiration.  Feel free to comment when you do.  You never know who you may be helping.


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