About Lucy’s Lab

What is there to know about Lucy’s Sewing Lab?

This blog will take you from the beginning of my sewing life as a child, the abrupt halt as my own children entered my life, to the current sewing adventure.  I will help you through the process of buying your first machine, your next machine, deciding on fabrics, patterns, and inspiration.  I have messed up a lot!  My seam ripper is my best friend and will be yours as well.  But, experience cannot be removed by a seam ripper.  Experience can be shared with others to prevent similar mistakes.

I started sewing, well trying to sew, when I was too young to read.  My grandmother sewed all my clothes, mostly with me right next to her.  So, while playing in her button drawer, I became curious about her hobby.  First came the plastic sewing machine that really only glued.  FLOP!  Bad Christmas!  Somewhere along the way, I grew up and actually took a sewing class in school.  Then came the ultimatum….”get a job or sew your own clothes!”

Naturally, I Princessed OUT!  I’ll not work for money….especially when I can make stuff instead.  I spent a few years making my clothes before I got a paying job.  One that pays money not just clothing.  At that  point I was too social to sew.  I shopped…and BOUGHT…and shopped some more.  Had children…another reason to shop! Children grow up and move out.

This brought me back to sewing.  Actually it began before I had a working sewing machine.  With my engagement and the ever daunting wedding dress shopping sewing/diy came as a solution.  I found my dream dress, online and expensive!  But, I have a sewing and fashion background.  So I looked at the dress as pieces of a puzzle.

Through this process, I deconstructed the dress in my mind and reconstructed it over weeks and months.  In the end, I had a wedding dress unique to me and everyone else.  But, this also posed another problem.  How can I continue this creativity?  I MUST BUY A sewing machine!  The machine lead to a studio, a bigger studio, another machine, lots of fabric, hand-made gifts (people love), and clothing no one else has!  I hope you enjoy this hobby as much as I enjoy sharing my experiences with you!What problem does my blog solve for my readers, or what will someone gain from reading it?


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