P_seamripper1_06131A few weeks ago there was a big uproar on Facebook about how to use the seam ripper properly. Something like 95% of the people didn’t know how to use it.  I didn’t read the blog at the time.  I should have though.  Every, single, time, I use my seam ripper I wonder if I am using it wrong.  That’s so silly.  It works the way I use it, does it matter how I use a seam ripper?  The sewing police isn’t going to get me! But, needless to say, I would fret over and over every time I looked at a seam ripper. “Am I using it the right way?”  UGH! I would turn the seam ripper over and over and search on google for ways to use the seam ripper.  Such agony over a small tool.

Well, today I was tired of hearing those taunting words….”95% of people do not use it properly” over and over in my head.  So, I Googled How to Use a Seam Ripper properly. There it was….the top entry!  I FOUND PEACE at last!  Only to find out I was among the 5% who already knew how to use the seam ripper properly.  But, I can now use it and not hear those taunting words in my head.  YAY ME!

Let me tell you, there are many parts to a seam ripper.  The point, is used to catch the stitches, the blade cuts them, and that cute little round ball?  It protects your fabric. If you are using a seam ripper on the backside of a seam, pulling every forth stitch out, you will never need the red ball.  They wouldn’t decorate a seam ripper, trust me!  The red ball is very important.  So, in order to get the best use out of the red ball, it must be used properly.

  • The ball should always be down to protect the fabric.
  • The blade can then get to the stitches to cut them.
  • It will take 50% less time to rip out seams this way.
  • If you need a visual, I’m attaching a YouTube video.  :-)
  • Here is Pam Damour’s video on how to use a seam ripper.
  • Dritz also has a great visual on the parts of a seam ripper.

Now, I just need that brass seam ripper she has on her video.  Well, if you get one before me,


PS. I was not paid for this blog by the kind people of Dritz, Pam Damour, or anyone else.  These are strictly opinions of my own.



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