Sewing Jeans, Dungarees, Levis TM, Pants, Distressed Denim

Jeans, who ever thinks about them?  As Americans we purchase them, wear them, break them in, break them down, wear them out, and then discard or recycle them.  This search began with my penny pinching ways. I refuse to pay three times the cost it takes to make a pair of pants!

So, we know the rest of the story.  For weeks I have been studying the construction, fit, and trademark qualities of jeans.  I started with a legging pattern I liked.  From that point I’ve added appropriate top stitching, yoke, and back pockets.  My Goal is to draft a pattern specific to my needs. This will become the LUCY LOU….as time and trends pass, the pattern will get updates.  The basic fit will remain the same.

At this point, I’m very close to the finished product.  Isn’t it ironic, my jeans won’t be complete until the appropriate distressing and personal touches occur? What began as a simple leggings pattern has transformed into *fake* or *faux* jeans.  It has been a fun and enlightening process.  I would be lying if I said it was quick.

I have learned several things:

  • the pattern doesn’t make it jeans, the topstitching does
  • a golden tan thread looks best with dark denim
  • yokes….jeans must have a yoke.  I’m not sure the purpose other than to allow room for your butt
  • making back pockets is quite easy
  • front pockets require a different type of lightweight cotton to line them.  (mine don’t have any front pockets right now …. that could change)
  • my pattern is out of stock although there are loads of other leggings patterns out there that I am sure could be altered into the perfect jeans for anyone

     Well, it’s time to get back to the studio.  Until next time….


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